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Dear Dr. West,

In 1990, at age 59 I was diagnosed with glaucoma and was prescribed two medications. Over the years my eye pressure has fluctuated between 14 and 25. But on February 7, 2011 my eye pressure test result was 11 in both eyes! My ophthalmologist said this is an ideal pressure. I have been taking 12 AC Carbamide and 3 Iplex daily for several years and am confident that these products are making the difference.

Your products have also worked wonders on my acid reflux. In 2004 my doctor prescribed three different antacids, all of which made me so weak and sick that I was certain I was at death’s door. Thank goodness my son received your direct mail which featured a “cure” for acid reflux. Applying your advice, I found out I had a lack of stomach acid, not an excess. Using Gastrex, Zypan and Okra pepsin, I gradually regained my strength and stomach health–no more heartburn! I still take Zypan and Okra Pepsin for maintenance.

I am so grateful to have these products for my general health. And I hope all of them stay on the market till God’s Kingdom comes!

Thank you,

—Betty Bennett, New York

Alerte Santé – Témoignages
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